Don't let the date fool you... the new Super Villain record time is for real! Congrats guys! 43:03 is the time to beat.
Congrats to our brave deputies! They defeated the Rotten Riddle gang in 54:28!
Great job to the new record holders at 44:58! Congrats!
New Wizard School Record holders! 47:09! Great job!
Congrats to our Wild West record holders! The time to beat is 58:02.
Wild West
Wild West Riddle Roundup
We are pleased to announce that Wild West Riddle Roundup will be open to the public starting this weekend! Tickets are on sale now. We've really gone all out for this one, and we can't wait to see everyone give it a try!
We are happy to announce that we have streamlined our gift voucher system!

Click here to buy gift vouchers.

Click here to redeem gift vouchers.

If you have received a charity ticket or a ticket under our old system, they are still valid, but you will need to follow the instructions on your ticket instead of clicking the above links.
The standing record time for Super Villain's Hideout has been destroyed! Congrats to our new record holders, who escaped in 44:01!
Congrats to the new record time holders for Wizard School! 48:26!
Congrats to the new record holders for Wizard School! The new time to beat is 49:04!