This will be the last week to try our most challenging game, the Wild West Riddle Roundup.

We have extended hours for the holiday. Click here to view schedule and availability.

If you would like a game outside of our current schedule, you can email us to try to set up a special session.
Please include your desired date, time, game scenario, and number of players. We have limited availability but we want to do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to play.

We hope everyone has had a good holiday so far and we wish everyone the best for the coming New Year!

Congrats to the new Wild West record holders! 48:53!!
If you would like to come play our games before we close, here is our closing schedule.

The last day to play Wild West is Jan 2.
The last day to play Wizard School is Jan 15.
The last day to play Super Villain's Hideout is Jan 28.
We will be hosting a prop sale on Jan 29.

If you would like to buy gift cards, we recommend you check with our friends at 15 Locks or Perplexium.

We wish everyone the best this holiday season!