We regret to announce we will be closing our doors at the end of January. It was not an easy decision to make - we are very passionate about our work and the puzzles we create!

However, we have had a family member struggling with serious illness for a while now, and it has become necessary to make more time to care for and support them.

Tickets are currently on sale and available through the holiday season. However, we will not be offering sales of new gift vouchers. If you would like to purchase gift vouchers, we would recommend checking with our friends at 15 Locks or Perplexium.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our customers, friends and family for their support with these amazing Puzzle Rooms we have created. It has been an exciting journey and we are grateful to have experienced it with all of you.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at info@puzzleroomaustin.com or 512-461-2332.